eArchitects & Consultation

Innovative provides the expertise needed- in security, infrastructure management and system integration. Innovative has capabilities to design and successfully deliver solutions to help you in achieving your specific requirements.

Innovative full lifecycle includes security services, threat analysis, feasibility, design, deployment, training, operations and maintenance. Also, to provide its clients with an unbiased evaluation and best application of hardware and technology Innovative specializes in identification, insertion and deployment of both proven and cutting edge technologies.

Keeping in mind the new setup and running into the preceeding infrastructure is a challenge on its own. With Innovative’s experience at running high availability and scalable IT platform, you can be at ease knowing your IT setup is in good hands.

Our eArchitects and consulting team assists as an extended IT team of the client and completely takes over the management of companies’ IT infrastructure. Our team takes a thorough view of the existing IT deployment and supports effective and efficient functioning of the systems. Besides, our consultation shall play the role of a technology and commercial gatekeeper when it comes to IT infrastructure planning and scale up. Being a vendor neutral organization, our eArchitects & consultation seamlessly handle technical evaluation all the way through negotiation, purchase and deployment of IT infrastructure and support them.

We offer quality consultation and even assist in setting up your new infrastructure to push a sizeable performance boost out of your system.

Our eArchitects & Consultation solutions includes the below facilities : –

  • IT Infrastructure Consultation
  • Project Planning and Design
  • IT Budget Development and Management
  • Procurement
  • DataCenter Infrastructure Design and Deployment
  • Technology Decision & Configuration
  • Network Infrastructure Management
  • IT Infrastructure Security and Backup Management
  • Application and Hardware Support


IT Project Management: –

Innovative is an Integrated Infrastructure Solution Provider linking the entire value chains from Planning & Architecture to Engineering/Design and from Costing to Project Management.

In order to stay competitive, businesses need to maximize the benefits from Technology. Technologies continue to change rapidly and it’s often a struggle to keep up with the latest products and options. Selecting the right Infrastructure requires an in-depth knowledge of both business and Technology needs. Innovative has the right skills and expertise to help you bridge this gap, assessing the effectiveness of existing infrastructures and making recommendations to ensure that Technology and Infrastructure supports business needs. Innovative has been able to bring benefits to clients, improving their Infrastructure effectiveness in turn reducing their costs.

Innovative Infrastructure consultancy services cover your complete IT Infrastructure like Hardware, Software, Networking, IBMS, RFID, DataCenter, Facility Management, Parking Management, etc.

IT Asset Management: –

As a set business practice, every organization tends to manage its IT environment in order to run its business strategic life cycle smoothly by efficient IT system management and elimination of unnecessary IT purchases.

Innovative’s core competence involves the correct guidelines provided to its clientele and assistance in the decision-making about hardware and software gathering & distribution. With managing every element of hardware and software found in the IT environment of the business to strategically manage their systems saving the cost and time, Innovative has been a fully resourced IT consultant for many of its customers.

Roles: –

Innovative’s IT Asset Management focuses on the primary point of accountability for the life-cycle management of information technology assets throughout the organization. Included in this responsibility are development and maintenance of IT policies, standards, processes, systems and measurements that enable the organization to manage the IT Asset Portfolio with respect to risk, cost, control, IT Governance, compliance and business performance objectives.

Innovative’s IT Asset Management uses integrated software solutions that work with all departments that are involved in the procurement, deployment, management and expense reporting of IT assets.

A total solution from office space design, IT and network building to facility management. We put our knowhow into practice by innovating our own offices as well.