Safe & Smarter Cities Solutions

Safe & Smarter Cities Solutions combines hardware, software and operational measures to provide video security, technical safety, and supports the management of utilities and other distributed services. Safe & Smart City is a multifunctional expandable solution built on an integrated flexible distributed platform with embedded intelligent data analysis. By creating a unified digital control and monitoring space for the city, Safe City solution is an effective, scalable, future-proof solution for a modern metropolis.

Safe & Smarter Cities Solution aims at making Public Safety service infrastructures significantly smarter through tighter integration with networking and computing capabilities. Our solution framework is envisaged to help Public Safety organisations collecting, sharing and analysing data more effectively in order to make smarter real time decisions while planning and responding from incidents and emergencies in the city.

As a total systems integrator carrying out tasks from engineering to evaluation by leveraging knowhow of infrastructure business and installation built up over many years, we contribute to the creation of a safe and secure city to live, work and visit. We help create a smart city that makes a conscious effort to use innovative solutions to improve conditions of living and working and to support a more inclusive and sustainable urban environment.

Our Safe & Smarter Cities Solutions is a well-resourced IP Video solution preferred for citywide security system. A system is meant to provide the benefit of a vital surveillance solution which can be manned and monitored 24 hours a day & seven days a week. We tend to cover every facet of video security operations with extensive range of software & hardware surveillance technology integration.

We develop system that holds the ability to be more connected, more efficient & smarter and responsive to emergencies. Concretely, our solution shall enhance Situational Awareness and first hand Response of an incident or emergency occurring within the city area.

The success of our Safe & Smarter Cities Solutions is ensured due to a crucial selection of technology and well-crafted integration of following solutions: –

  • Video & Audio Solutions
  • Command & Control Room- Design & Deployment
  • Networking Solutions
  • Display Solutions
  • DataCenter Solutions- Design & Deployment
  • Integrated Buidling Management System (IBMS)
  • Virtualization Solutions
  • Video Management Solutions
  • Physical Security Information Management Solutions
  • Smart Analytics Solutions
  • Enterprise Computing Solutions
  • Project Documentation
  • Standard Operating Procedure