System & Network Integration Solutions

Successfully supporting your IT challenges

Leveraging our strength as a system integrator with strength in networks, we provide network services that contribute to improved business continuity and management speed while searching out quality and cost.

We provide you with solutions and services that help to optimize business processes, increase security to the right level, optimize the interworking of your system environment, and ensure that the IT infrastructure provides optimal support for your business processes. We offer integration solutions as well as services for migrating your infrastructure to a new best-in-class environment.

  • Integration services based on modern service oriented architectures.
  • Rationalization and transformation services to optimize IT infrastructures.
  • Data, information and content management solutions for consistent and reliable access to business relevant information.
  • IT Security and Risk Management solutions to meet regulatory requirements and improve security of business.
  • Customer specific software solutions to gain competitive advantage
  • Our team of technology and integration specialists offers you a comprehensive range of services from consulting, designing, developing to implementing your solutions relating to minimal to large System and Network Infrastructure.

Our solutions includes the following: –

  • DataCenter Management
  • DataCenter Consolidation & Migration Services
  • Virtualization services
  • Managed Support & Services
  • IT Infrastructure Optimization Services
  • Server- Storage Management
  • Desktop Management
  • Network Management

IT Consolidation

Organizations typically look at data center consolidation as a way to manage expenses and reassert control over highly distributed environments. While these are great reasons, it is critical that an organization has a full understanding of what consolidation means, including the benefits, risks and potential challenges, to ensure a successful implementation.

To steer your organization toward success, consider these best practices to avoid common pitfalls and reap the benefits of consolidation we offer end-to-end solutions to provide a single source and point of contact for hardware, software, service and on-going support. Our Infrastructure & System Integration Consulting can help organizations to maximize the value of your information technology investments and create an efficient, effective and scalable IT infrastructure.

We help you strategically prioritize and deliver data centre modernization and consolidation initiatives that make your operations more agile, secure and efficient while lowering your overall costs. Our service offerings address your needs with customized options & solutions including Consulting, Planning, Designing, Deployment and Management.

Why Innovative Telecom & Softwares?

Innovative Telecom & Softwares offers unique IT solutions with the following benefits:

We provide remote access to your offices and in the instance any support is required, we can assist instantly and as effectively as if we were physically on-site. And if hardware does needs to be diagonized physically, we are more than happy to perform on-site visits.

  • Our system-network integration solutions & services optimizes your business processes and helps achieving better ROI value on your IT investment.
  • With our innovative solutions you can secure the future of your company.
  • By integrating new IT solutions into the existing IT landscape, you are protecting your existing investments.
  • With our extensive knowledge of technology, we can give you expert advice at any time and implement best-in-class solutions.
  • Through neutral and manufacturer-independent consulting, we create best fitting and cost effective solutions.
  • Full-service collaboration allows the establishment of long-term partnerships.
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